Current Activities

Teaching Courses

  • Cloud Security (BS - Computer Science, Cybersecurity)

  • Advanced Computer Networks (MS - Computer Networks and Security)

Thesis Supervision

  • Muhammad Junaid: An Efficient Framework for Logging and IoT Forensics (2021)

  • Ali Zafer: Identity and Attribute based Hybrid Access Control scheme for IoT devices (2021)

  • Mirza Ali Wijdan: Malicious Firmware Attack Prevention in IoT using Blockchain Technology (2021)

  • M Mattah Islam Sameem: Protecting Iot devices from DDOS attack (2021)

  • Muzaffar Ali: Security Assurance of the Critical 5G Nodes (2021)

Submitted Research Papers

  • TruCert

  • TZ SandBox

  • IoT Certification Scheme Template

  • Quantitative System-Level Security Verification of the IoV Infrastructure (2021) - []

  • ShieLD: Shielding Cross-zone Communication within Limited-resourced IoT Devices runningVulnerable Software Stack (2020)